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Richard Garnaut busker's... something to ponder

Gen Y Don't Need House of Windsor - mp3 soundfile

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Gen Y don't need the House of Windsor

Gen Y don't need the House of Windsor

Palace bling can be sold on Ebay

Gold carriages cut up into a hundred thousand pieces

Souvenirs for all to be sold on Ebay


Gen Y don't need the House of Windsor

Where no electorate has any corporate governance

Windsor Electorates aren't even incorporated

None sign off each month for taxes collected or spent


Windsor Electorates don't own any government land or assets

No bank accounts, savings or monthly budgets

No final say on what Windsor does in any electorate

No electorate equity to borrow against to build a future


Gen Y won't hack a baby-boomer Windsor King

Pulling strings that enslave Windsor Electorate futures

Gen Y have no loyalty to the House of Windsor

Aren't stupid enough to flog a dead horse


It's time Gen Y goggled up and cut up carriages

Even Windsor Corgi collars can be sold on Ebay

And publicly flog with canes politicians & bureaucrats

Once a month if electorate spreadsheets are published late


It's time Gen Y built strong electorate economies

With local invested super insurance & electorate banks

It's time Gen Y owned affordable homes like their parents

And permanent jobs using their uni qualifications


Gen Y don't need the House of Windsor

Palace bling can be sold on Ebay

Gold carriages cut up into a hundred thousand pieces

Souvenirs for all to be sold on Ebay


Souvenirs for all to be sold on Ebay

Souvenirs for all to be sold on Ebay

Pay Cairns Lagoon Busker $5 - $10 - $20 - $50 - $100

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely..." Lord Acton

"If Cairns & FNQ voters dont require federal, state, & local government politicans to create and publish monthly spreadsheets on all taxes and charges raised and spent in their electoral divisions each month, don't the politicians we elect have absolute power?" Richard Garnaut 14th February 2017.

"Kitchen recordings" of some early Richard Garnaut songs

1 Bubs Addicted To Pokie Ding Dings In Womb 6:08 – mp3

2 Throw All Children Overboard Now 4:05 – mp3

3 5 No Child Has A Right To Breakfast 2:02 – mp3

4 Lord I'm Sorry For Playin Pokies Today1:54 – mp3

5 My Father Married A Pokie Machine 2:33 – mp3

6 Casino Fraud Sends Business Broke 6:00 – mp3

7 If Children Had Access To Bombs 2:07 – mp3

8 Where Do Homeless Make Love At Night 4:53 – mp3

9 Can You Imagine A Life Without Privacy 2:14 – mp3

10 There's A Bed Shower & Food In Watch House 1:41 – mp3

11 Evil MPs Belong In Jail 7:52 – mp3

12 No Spreadsheet MPs Are Child Abusers 8:07 – mp3

13 Tony Fungs Aquis Casino Greed 9:07 – mp3

14 My Sovereign Kids Shall Never Be Slaves 7:14 – mp3

15 Enforce Your Sovereign Land Title Rights 12:20 – mp3

16 Why Doesn't Palaszczuk Care About Qld Women - (rectified) Oct 2016 – mp3

A Conspiracy of Silence, Qld's frontier killing times - Dr Timothy Bottoms

Busker Richard Garnaut always wondered why indigenous homeless in Cairns "seemed" resentful about been herded around Cairns Lagoon and CBD areas by Qld Police - having gooney wine bladders emptied - smashed on concrete.

But when you listen to "Why Doesn't Palaszczuk Care About Qld Women" and watch this 29 min youtube video by Cairns - Edge Hill distinguished and reputable historian Dr Timothy Bottoms (whom Richard Garnaut has yet to meet) - get ready to chunder! Bottoms reveals 50,000 aboriginies were murdered by Qld Police under the direct "colonising" authority of the forebears of todays House of Windsor.

And to save on bullets, Qld Police would brain aboriginal babies by bashing their heads against trees until their brains come out.

And some of those murdered were the great great grandparents of some of those whom are homeless in Cairns today. (Probably? Possibly?)

This is an important much watch video for all Gen Y & Z, Qld Police, Qld voters, aboriginals, and tourist, patiently and cooperatively working together daily to permanently reconcile issues from the past, and to build a more just and inclusive future for all.  youtube link


Ian Pendergast Requiem mp3


Pay Cairns Lagoon Busker $5 - $10 - $20 - $50 - $100 

Richard Garnaut - Busker - Youtube Debut - Cat Stevens Medly - Wild World - Where Do The Children Play - Father & Son

Carmel Boumard's Facebook Page - specialises in painting guitars

Richard Garnaut is a retired 1970s local Cairns Rockstar...

 My passion is live real music. Unplugged, unamplified & no microphone.

    Pay Cairns Lagoon Busker $5 - $10 - $20 - $50 - $100

Busker Richard Garnaut – Your So Vain
- 11/11/2016 video link

Garnautnomics - co-designing the 4th Millennium©

Richard Garnaut's Amazing Cairns Lagoon Video

Is this video Donald Trump's & Pauline Hanson's secret weapon for transforming world?


Live, unplugged and unscripted from world famous Cairns Lagoon.

Free download video - Your comments on "Spreadsheets Are Amazing" to Richard 

High Court Chief Justice Robert French explains

FUDICIARY DUTY to Ministers, MPs, Public Servants, Voters & Journalists

 Richard is from a Cairns tourism pioneer family - link


"...From personal experience, there are often extraordinary savings to be made by comparing face to face & phone rates with the best prices that are offered generally online while sitting outside an accomodation venue. It is insane not to check before confirming any booking. It almost always pays to gain the advantage of the largest accomodation booking companies in the world. Not always - but often..." Richard Garnaut

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