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Pay Cairns Lagoon Busker $5 - $10 - $20 - $50 - $100  

May God bless you & your loved ones this Christmasfrom the Garnaut family of Cairns

Richard Garnaut is a retired 1970s local Cairns Rockstar...

 My passion is live real music. Unplugged, unamplified & no microphone.

    Pay Cairns Lagoon Busker $5 - $10 - $20 - $50 - $100

Busker Richard Garnaut – Your So Vain
- 11/11/2016 video link

Garnautnomics - co-designing the 4th Millennium©

Richard Garnaut's Amazing Cairns Lagoon Video

Is this video Donald Trump's & Pauline Hanson's secret weapon for transforming world?


Live, unplugged and unscripted from world famous Cairns Lagoon.

Free download video - Your comments on "Spreadsheets Are Amazing" to Richard 

High Court Chief Justice Robert French explains

FUDICIARY DUTY to Ministers, MPs, Public Servants, Voters & Journalists

 Richard is from a Cairns tourism pioneer family - link


"...From personal experience, there are often extraordinary savings to be made by comparing face to face & phone rates with the best prices that are offered generally online while sitting outside an accomodation venue. It is insane not to check before confirming any booking. It almost always pays to gain the advantage of the largest accomodation booking companies in the world. Not always - but often..." Richard Garnaut

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