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Richard Garnaut - Garnautnomics© 

Worldwide Exclusive 10th Sept 2016 - Qld Police Sgt Kevin Goan

& 11 Cairns Drug Squad Detectives referred to

prosecutor of International Criminal Court

re investigate charge of genocide


Worldwide Exclusive!

Are Qld Police corrupt? Again?


Read Richard Garnaut's explosive emails to Rob Pyne MP for Cairns!

Qld Police Blue Silence AnRichardGarnautBuskerWink_an

Qld Blue Silence

Is The Joke Back In Qld In 2016?


High Court Chief Justice Robert French explains

FUDICIARY DUTY to Ministers, MPs, Public Servants, Voters & Journalists


Leichhardt (Cairns) To

Brexit From Canberra Control

sometime after 20th August 2016

Learn about the amazing Cairns Sovereign Independance People Revolution


Richard Garnaut's Amazing Cairns Lagoon Video

What Liberal Labor Nationals & LNP don't want you to see


Live, unplugged and unscripted from world famous Cairns Lagoon.

Free download video - Your comments on "Spreadsheets Are Amazing" to Richard

Richard Garnaut - Garnautnomics© 

GFC-proofing our children's future...
by GFC-proofing our world economy today!©

(failure is not an option often incorrectly attributed to NASA's Gene Kranz

Garnautnomics is all about love - GFC-proofing our children's future - by GFC-proofing world economy - and failure is not an option! Richard Garnaut 22nd May 2016

Garnautnomics World Economics
Super-Challenge 2016

proudly sponsored by

"Create economic model to restore order & confidence in your electorate & build a GFC-Proof World Economic model in 3 days"

Scenario - Wall St plunges 97% in 1 day and all world's gold bullion has vanished in 24 hrs.


Ouch! Could that happen?


How could you prepare?




How you can participate


Competing teams of 5 "biz management" students

should complete Super-Challenge 2016 in 3 days

will create a GFC-Proof Economy for an electorate

High Schools

Competing teams of 5 "biz management" students

suitable for eg. year 7 - senior maths students

should complete Super-Challenge 2016 in a month

will create a GFC-Proof Economy for an electorate


any biz professional, biz owner, journalist, person with super etc.

could read even once and understand

able to make appointments with local MPs, Mayor & Councillors

start asking / forcing issue on why electorates aren't incorporated - perhaps

why no electorate monthly spreadsheets & P&Ls.

Garnautnomics - new seed being planted!©

To GFC-proof world economy thru to 4th millennium.



Queen Elizabeth & Pope Francis are cranky with economists!   

Queen Elizabeth even asked London School of Economics why no one saw the GFC coming? Link

Perhaps Queen Elizabeth is naughty, puts today's economists on too high a pedistal, and allows too many fools to gain knighthoods & become Lords!

But that is a matter for Her Majesty & the whole House of Windsor to talk about between themselves... (not discuss with buskers) if House of Windsor inc wants to still offer and provide monarchy services worldwide thru to 4th millennium!


Survey: Are 2016 Grade 8 Maths Students Smarter Than All Australian Economists?

Perhaps we do put poor old economists on too high a pedistal!

Perhaps we should simply give the whole world's grade 8 maths students a whole list of desirable attributes of a world economy...

based on love God... self...

neighbour... and do unto others...

and sit back & smile as

The L Generation© (loving)

develops a GFC-proof world economy for all sustainable till the end of time!  

Imagine... no more hunger... homelessness... bro-sisterhood of mankind!

Where we don't need tree museums chargin a dollar n a half to see em!

What do ya reckon John... George... Joni... Bob! Yeah yeah yeah! Consider it done!©

Richard Garnaut - Cairns Lagoon Busker - 15th May 2016

5th May 2016 - Link to Richard Garnaut's Letter To  Queen Elizabeth & Pope Francis - re alternative world economy plan if world economy collapses completely.

And you  & anyone over-exposured to NY York Stock Exchange loses all of your super.

Go on! I challenge you
to take this survey!

Both the letter and survey make the point that there are plenty of things any single Federal or State MP (or Mayor & Councillors) worldwide can do to

  • dramatically improve the economy in their electorate
  • strengthen and expand local businesses and create new permanent jobs
  • lessen impact of any possible GFC on their electorate economy
  • help protect the retirement incomes of electorate if world economy collapses

All the world's pre-eminent economists will be able to say is "why did a Cairns Lagoon Busker to "re-discover it" and beat all of the world's universities including Harvard, MIT & London School of Economics to delevoping a new "proven" model for a GFC-proof world economy?"

Fact is the New York Stock Exchange which now unnaturally dominates and dertimines the fate of the world economy only came into being in it's present form in 1792. Ever since there has been a continuous cycle of global recessions & depressions. On close inspection, generally starting with the failure of one or two companies. And then the whole world suffers and shares the burden of two much capital having been flowing into "the market" to purchase shares at vastly inflated prices.

1929 - Wall St Crash1929 - 1939 - Great Depression1987 - Black Monday; ~ 2008 - GFC- Global Financial Crisis

The truth would seem to be that there are steps that any region can take to prevent or mitigate the impacts of future GFCs that history suggests will always be inevitable, the more regions rely on large non-local central governments & treasuries, large non-local banks and super funds, and absolutely zero local monitoring of government taxes paid and services provided to nip waste in the bud! 

But how many Australian Economists and Universities have ever asked the question re how to prevent or mitigate the impacts of future GFCs on any region of Australia - eg. in 150 Federal Electorates? Why not ask them yourself?

Griffith - UQ - Bond - UNSW - USyd - UNE - Deacon Monash - La Trobe - RMIT - etc.

And how many Australian Economists and Universities even want all 150 Federal Electorate Economies to be able to prevent or mitigate the impacts of future GFCs on their regions, and for the Australian Economy as a whole to be more GFC=Proof or resiliant?

Surely there is at least one Australian Economist with the talent up to the challenge?

Or else why should tax-payers in 150 electorates continue to fund Economics at Uni? 

Richard started work on this Garnautnomics model in 1973!!! 

Go on! I challenge you
to take this survey!

9 Most Intriguing Survey Questions Of All Time!

 Every MP, Mayor, Councillor & "Sir Humphrey's" favourite Richard Garnaut video

Live, unplugged and unscripted from world famous Cairns Lagoon.

Free download video - Your comments on "Spreadsheets Are Amazing" to Richard

Richard Garnaut was born in Cairns in mid 20th Century.His family built the La Pizza building 93 Esplanade - opposite Cairns Lagoon which as a volunteer, Richard helped co-design. Part of Richard's contribution. Richard's favourite part of design is the Spence St Bikeway his family use daily.

He was a local "Rockstar" in Cairns in 1970s, and became a philantrophist in 1993 and has been a self-funded suicide prevention support person ever since every night effortlessly reaching out to those needing support as a Cairns Lagoon Busker - flooding CBD with serotonin via Happy songs with his booming "Rockstar Voice" and no amplifier needed. (He has a Mental Health First Aid Certificate). 

Richard has provided free unlimited downloads of the worlds largest collection of prayer mp3s since 2006, and is currently producing & recording a simple guitar / vocal  sing-a-long covers CD featuring songs by the greatest songwriters & musicians of all time. ETD July 2016.

4 CD Set of Daily Prayers 

4 CD Set of Daily Prayers

In 2006, Richard saw the need for a simple 4 CD Set of Daily Prayers based on daily Catholic Rosary spirituality. Recorded at Pegasus Studio by Nigel Pegrum, each CD starts with Act of Contrition, Angeles, Daily Scripture Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet + Litany. 15 Prayers of St Bridget & Stations of Cross are also on different day CDs.


Available from St Monica's Cathedral Bookshop Cairns 07 4051 9245 since 2007. (Over 2,200 sets have been distributed throughout diocese.

15 Prayers of St Bridget CD

 15 St Bridget Prayers CD by Richard Garnaut - including Ave Maris StellaRecorded at Pegasus Studio by Nigel Pegrum, this is a CD especially for those with a daily devotion to the 15 Prayers of St Bridget.

Richard wrote the music for Ave Maris Stella while on a bus trip from Cairns to Rockhampton to visit someone in last stages of cancer who was suicidal.

Richard created the world's largest collection of prayers after realising how easy it is to assist suicidal people by having free downloads of prayer & music they love.

This is also the reason Richard is a full-time busker to help the suicidal.

 Divine Mercy Chaplet CD

Recorded at Pegasus Studio by Nigel Pegrum.

Many parish Catholic Rosary groups that meet weekly generally say the Divine Mercy Chaplet following the Rosary.

Having followed in his mum Agnes (Eaton) Garnaut's footsteps, Richard spent 10 years in the St Monica's Cathedral Choir as tenor / cantor providing Richard with the skills to write and chant this chaplet in a variation of the simple gregorian chant genre.


 Stations of The Cross CD

Recorded at Pegasus Studio by Nigel Pegrum.

Over the last 10 years, many have said that prior to having prayer CDs featuring Stations of The Cross, they only ever recited Stations of The Cross 2 or 3 times a year.

But now they have a CD player and Prayer CDs on same table as TV remote control, in bed room and in car, they now enjoy "...praying with Richard..." (their words) every day.

Daily Rosaries and Divine Mercy. Plus many now do daily 15 Prayers of St Bridget. And Stations of The Cross a couple of times a week.

And now even great-grandchildren are enjoying listening to Prayer CDs with great-grandparents, even though grand-parents and parents have never said them.

It brings back fond memories of the day I asked my wonderful spiritual director how any future generations of Catholics could possibly learn or develop the habit of saying traditional Catholic Prayers like the Rosary, various litanies etc.

Just in case you are wondering why God has given me the resourses to create and provide unlimited free downloads of the world's largest single collection of recorded prayers.

audax fortis illustris - De Colores - Richard Garnaut

This is every Cairns Regional Councillor's Favourite Video   


Although it may be hard to get your head around at first, this one short video once acted upon by voters, MPs and councillors worldwide is going to prevent another GFC occuring through to the 4th millennium and the end of time!

5 best kept secrets since the 15th Century AD?

Politicians representing you:

1. don't have spreadsheets for their electorates!

2. don't know / care what's spent in electorate!

3. don't know / care what's collected from electorate!

4. make 100% of decisions blindfold!

5. why care when you can simply increase taxes!

6. no one performance monitors what's spent & where!

Are the above six statements true?

Why don't you ask your FNQ politicians yourself!

Cairns Mayor - Councillors Div - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - CEO + 6 managers -

Qld - Cairns - Barron River - Cook - Dalrymple - Mulgrave - Hinchinbrook -

Fed - Leichhardt -

Eg. Shouldn't those I elect in Division 3, Cairns & Leichhardt all make available monthly spreadsheets to all those in their electorates of every single dollar collected from and spent in their electorates?


 Go on! I challenge you
to take this survey!

9 Most Intriguing Survey
Questions Of All Time!







Do you agree each of these FNQ local, state & federal politicians are failing if they don't have and can't give you a monthly spreadsheet of every dollar spent and collected from their respective electoral divisions?

Use links above to contact them directly.

Your comments -

pls use this link!


Also every Qld MP & Government's Favourite Video   


Also every Federal MP & Government's Favourite Video   


And Queen Elizabeth & Pope Francis's Favourite Video   


Queen Elizabeth & Pope Francis are cranky with economists!   

Queen Elizabeth even asked London School of Economics

why no one saw the GFC coming? Link

After watching Richard Garnaut video, read their reply to Queen Elizabeth!

Written by some "Sir Humphrey" himself!

Assisted by












This is an amazing short video by
Cairns Lagoon busker Richard Garnaut.

It simply makes the point - perhaps Cairns
Regional Councillors should have & publish
monthly spreadsheets showing what council
spends and collect in each division.



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